Understanding of pubg looting spot

Knowing your zones


The first thing to know about pubg is that landing first can be very vital. Apart from the landing, the zone that you choose to land to is also very important. Considering that you are not using pubg hack, knowing about your landing zone is very important. Pubg has a map. The map is usually an opportunity as well as an atlas of danger. Players choose where to land remembering that it is a matter of life and death. Below are some of the places where you can land

• Military island
• Containers as well as hospitals
• Schools along with apartments
• Underground lenders
• The villa
All these are just just some zones which you can consider landing. As we get said, realizing your zoom is very important. You have to know what it is inside the zone, methods to stay risk-free in the zone as well as come out the champion.
Things to consider in choosing your looting spot
• Top-quality loots
You will find zones that are known for getting top quality loots. This is actually the places that a lot of players prefer for their loot. If you choose a new top-quality loot sector, it will mean that so many people will probably be targeting the very same area. If you aren’t going to utilize a pubg hack to get your way ahead, you might have an extremely hard time earning in these types of looting zones.

• The competition
Competition is also what you should try to find when you are trying to find a place to terrain. Do not just terrain in a place very first if you are not alert to the kind of competitors you are about to count on there. After the day, the landing area is your choice.